Sunny Village Screensaver

Sunny Village Screensaver 2.1

Sunny Village Screensaver is a free animated wallpaper with sound

Sunny Village Screensaver is a free animated wallpaper with sound.
When launched, this screensaver will show a cartoon that will include cows, birds, butterflies, bees, chicken, roosters and lots of animals that live in the village. If you have chosen to activate the sounds, you will also hear the sounds produced by those animals, the machines, water and the wind.

This screensaver is able to show three different country scenes: at the outside of the house, the stable and the lake. The animations you can see will vary from a scene to the other, and will include tractors, fishes, horses, water and the wind moving things.

By using the Windows Screensaver window you can set how much time will your system be idle before activating the program. Through the "Settings" option you can choose the order in which you want to play the different scenes, the size of the screen, its quality and background color, the necessary conditions to exit the screensaver and if you want to activate the sound when it is running.

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